The roof, the roof, the roof is on.

Ta da

Well, here she is, a big box, ready to begin the roof framing. This was a couple of weekends ago. They said rain was coming, so the goal was to have it sheeted before the weekend was over.

Ryan puts his mathematical skills to work, Mr. Hart drinks coffee.

Ryan is our friend for whom Mr. Hart did a side job in trade for help on the roof. Ryan’s Dad and brother are both contractors, and Ryan is quite the craftsman himself, he has built a beautiful home for he and his family. So he came up to help us figure out the roof.

Actually, Ryan first helped us redesign the roof. There were several puzzles, one of which was insulating it. We had really wanted to be able to use the wool insulation in the roof, but Ryan realized that to be able to use loose fill you must leave some type of an air gap to allow for air flow to help relieve moisture build-up. In the end, he helped us decide to change our original plan of framing the rafters with 2×4’s to framing them with 2×6’s, a major consideration on our trailer home because of the weight and the height. However this is one of the reasons we ordered a 10,000 lb trailer to begin with, so we weren’t too worried about the redesign. And framing with the 2×6’s allows us to leave an inch and a half air gap between the insulation and the roof sheeting, creating air flow from the eaves to the roof ridge.

Another puzzle involved the eaves. We have built our eaves out wider than is allowed on the road without a permit by about six inches on each side. We don’t plan on moving the trailer very frequently, and the permit for moving it is relatively inexpensive. We just wanted the extra protection from rain on our windows and the look of the wider roofline.

Attaching the floor joists of the loft.

In other news, I joined the Hood River roller derby team, the Gorge Roller Girls. I have been practicing tons for the last 6 weeks, and we have our first bout scheduled against Hermiston on June 23rd! This obligation actually prevented me from being able to be around the day Ryan was helping out unfortunately, but I made up for it over the next few days doing little odd jobs to help finish up the roof.

Our efforts were not enough, though, to finish the roof before the rain came so we tarped her up, that was fun in the gorge winds.

And so we found ourselves a little behind schedule for our end of June deadline.

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