800 + 6 = 160


It’s on! We have decided we are moving in to our tiny house at the end of June! That gives us six weeks to get it ready…enough. Enough to move into it. There will still be lots of work to be done afterwards. What is “ready enough?” Glad you asked.

Here’s the bar napkin containing our strategic plan

As we sat at the bar we made a plan. Then we went straight up to the trailer and put it into action.

We worked on tying up some loose ends. I did a lot of priming. We worked on finishing up the wheel wells and building the “utility closet,” where we’ll house the water storage tanks, the water heater, the water pump, etc…. These are things we want to have done before we do the roof and the house wrap.

Jesse (the Original Mr. Hart…Mr. Hart Classic…hmmm, OMH? MHC? I think from now on he shall be known as MHC) put the horses in the spot where we are going to put our trailer so they could mow the lawn for us. The plan is to get the trailer set up there this week, and to have the roof on it by the end of this weekend. Yep. This weekend. Ryan, if you are reading, start gittin’ yer work boots laced up!

So that’s week one.

Week two plan: house wrapped + rough electrical and plumbing.

Week three: insulation + begin interior walls.

Week four: finish interior walls.

Week five: set up a working sink, an outdoor shower and the loo.

Week six: move in + exhale.

We’ll see….

So we’ll be going from our current 800 square feet into 160 square feet, I guess that means we have some more downsizing to do in the next six weeks too.

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One Response to 800 + 6 = 160

  1. Isolde says:

    classic! Plan, Bar napkin, loo… That’s about all you need to move in 🙂

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