Long time no see, blog…


,,,and hello to the four people who are reading! Or who were reading, before I quit writing. I may be talking to myself now.

We have taken quite a break. It was really really cold around here, and we were a little unmotivated to work in that weather.

The only picture from the vacation of the two of us together.

Actually, we’ve had a lot going on. We were saving up money for a trip to Hawaii, which we took during spring break. Mr. Hart had done an auto body side job for trade with a guy we know who has a house there, so we went to Maui for the first time! It was really nice and we got some much needed rest and relaxation.

As soon as we got back, taxes were due. That was no fun. Since we don’t own a mortgage anymore we didn’t have the interest credit to claim, so we owed money…a minor setback.

We are just catching up, then, from a few financially demanding months and are excited to get back on track with the home-building.

For the last several weeks, however, the time spent not working on the tiny home has been productively spent by Mr. Hart racking up some more trade hours on a couple of other body work side jobs instead of working directly on the house. But it will all pay off soon.

As a teacher, I have connections with special people who can do math without using their fingers. Ryan is a math teacher at my school, and my classroom-next-door-neighbor. But besides being able to do the calculations for the roofing puzzle, he has lots of other handy skills. One of them is construction. So Mr. Hart is helping him with his truck and, in return, he is going to help put the roof on our tiny home.

Since the weather is finally turning into spring, it’s great timing for this work. We are no longer working in the cold where screws break, wood freezes, and a hammer to the hand makes you cry like a baby. We are getting the tiny home ready to pull out of the shop so we can put the roof on. That means that on one nice weekend we will pull it out, get it situated in its new spot, and get the roof on all at once before the next spring rains begin. So it’ll be a big weekend. We’ll be glad to have the extra help from Ryan, and we may even cash in on more trade hours with some other friends for extra help on that.

We’ve got the walls almost finished. This required jacking up the trailer and leveling it. You may be able to see in the picture that the wheel wells are built, as they bump out a few inches into the living space. We decided to build the house as wide as possible, so the wheel well framing juts into the inside of the house, but we think the extra inches of space inside are worth the trade-off of the awkward bump-outs. We have plans to cover them, on one side there will be a desk or countertop area, probably with storage cabinets or shelves underneath. The other side will probably get some sort of built in sofa or seating area of some kind.

We struggled with the design of the front windows, next to the door, because we really wanted three separate windows there, across the front. We weren’t sure if we should frame them in separately, giving more stability to a wall with so much open space, or if we should make it one big window which would give us a large access opening to get big pieces in like a bed, a shower, and a refrigerator. We have decided on one big window.

We’ve also decided on fewer side windows so that we have more wall space for storage, but that front bay of windows, which will be where the kitchen will go, should offer us plenty of light. We’ll still be considering a skylight or two, as well.

So, there you have it. You’re caught up on the last three months of tiny home progress. There are no vacations planned between now and the next post…so stay close for another installment of our big tiny adventure!

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3 Responses to Long time no see, blog…

  1. Merilyn says:

    jen – i love the way you write. you are so amusing. this is really getting exciting now. your tiny home is taking shape nicely. there is so much more involved than one would think. can’t wait to step into it.

  2. Kimberly says:

    Your doing great, keep up the work! And dont worry, you have followers 😉

  3. Mike Garrett says:

    Great job Joel and Jen! Can’t wait to see the roof get started. Keep up the hard work, the results will be worth it. Keep your friendly lumber yard in the loop! 🙂 Mike (Tum-A-Lum)

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