Finally, more progress.

The holidays are over, I’m back in school, and we got another paycheck. So the walls are going up. Yay!

This part is really exciting. Before we could begin, Mr. Hart and I went up to the shop on Sunday and we spent a couple of hours talking about floor plan layout so that we could determine window placement and sizes. We had to make decisions on the size of the bathroom and closets, the kitchen counter depth, the size of the porch, and some other minor details. This has gotten us super excited about planning the inside…but that’s getting several steps ahead of ourselves.

That Sunday it started snowing, and it was quite cold. We kept having to break and go inside to warm up by the fire, and watch football. But we actually got one wall built and set into place!

I stood next to it trying to imagine what it would feel like when it was all closed in. Then I made Joel stand next to it to see if he fit. He did. But he might have trouble showering and getting dressed with those monkey arms of his. We may have to make little tracks in the ceiling for his hands so he can put on his shirts (hee hee hee).

We are screwing all the framing together rather than nailing, so progress is a wee bit slower than one would expect. But Joel went up again this week because he was slow at work and in a couple of hours already had another wall built, and all the cuts made and wood laid out for a third!

The trailer is framed 16” on center instead of 24” like many of the others we have seen. The downside of this is the added weight. The upside is that there will be more wood for attaching sheer support. There is a 4×6 beam that will be added above the wheels to form the wheel wells. We are still doing a little research on exactly how tall that needs to be to offer enough clearance.

The window framing is not finished, we are firming up prices on windows which may affect the size. The decision on windows has been a really difficult one. One of the motivators for making this drastic downsizing move, as I have probably talked about before, is that we would be able afford to invest in and live with the sustainable, efficient, quality materials (read: expensive) for our home that we could never afford to put into our bigger home because of the scale of the project. The problem we are facing is that these items are really, really expensive, and that directly affects the speed of our progress. The windows have been this sort of decision where we are having to weigh what we really want against what is practical for us to afford. We really don’t want to be building this thing for years. We want to get it done so that we can start meeting the financial and lifestyle goals we have set for ourselves…and make our next small move!

By the way, we’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to leave a comment if you’re reading.

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3 Responses to Finally, more progress.

  1. hollie says:

    Yay, that IS exciting! What exactly are your window options though? Tell me, I can help 😉

    • onesmallmove says:

      🙂 – We are torn between the attractive qualities of fiberglass versus the price of vinyl. We are against the vinyl for sustainability reasons however, from what we’ve gathered, there seems to be very low to no health risk in living with it. The price difference is substantial, and since it is the same glass and the same efficiency factor, we keep thinking our money would better be spent on other upgrades. Council? (Or is it, counsel? Well, either way, what do you think? 🙂

  2. July says:

    Loving the progress you guys are making! As for the monkey arms, I was wondering about that too…

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