Work begins

Work on the trailer began with a surprising amount of metal work. We had thought the custom trailer out really well, but I think because it was a custom order there were just too many things to think about, and we didn’t think of them all. I know, surprising, right? : ) If we ever find ourselves building another one of these, these are things that will be part of our custom order.

Mr. Hart realized that the trailer needed a lot of extra bracing and tie-down brackets, somewhere to attach the house to the trailer and cross supports for front and rear of trailer.

Down the center you can see some small vertical brackets that will be used to attach the floor joists. A hole has been drilled through each one so that a bolt will secure the floor joists directly to the trailer. They are staggered to leave room for blocking that will run down the center.

The trailer originally had no cross bracing on the ends, where the front and rear walls will sit, so Joel welded on some extra supports to the front and rear of the trailer to cap off the rails.

To wrap up the “foundation” he painted the metalwork and seam-sealed any open gaps or cracks.

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