Hello there….

Six years ago my husband, Joel, and I decided to sell our house in northern California and move to Hood River, Oregon in the Columbia River Gorge. We were making the move to this area for many reasons, among them to be able afford a bigger home that would have a garage and a little bit of land so we could have a garden, and maybe even room for a farm, to feed ourselves. We couldn’t afford what we wanted in California, and we found Hood River and knew it was perfect for us.

We didn’t want to max ourselves out financially, we wanted to be able to live a sustainable, healthy life, travel more, and enjoy the Gorge area and all of the outdoor activities it has to offer. We wanted to windsurf, snowboard, mountain bike, and learn many other outdoor activities and sports.

Somehow we were distracted and ended up in a track home neighborhood with 1800 square feet of house to furnish, decorate, clean, maintain, landscape and improve.

Slowly we were consumed by the time, energy, money and resources that owning a house like that requires. Soon, the economy began to worsen, and income began to dwindle. We were feeling stuck.

Over the next couple of years we found ourselves craving a simpler life, a “back-to-basics” life, where all we would have is all we would need, and only what we needed is what we would have.

We want more time, and we want to be able to invest in ourselves. We want to improve our minds, our health, our fitness…. Okay, I know I sound a little idealistic and dreamy, but it’s all really true, and we don’t want to go broke or have a mental breakdown doing it.

So, in a series of “one.small.move” moments, we have sold our house, and let go of most everything we own (okay, its a process, we’re still making small moves, working on “letting” go!), in an effort to regain control of what we are getting out of life.

We have decided to build a tiny home on a trailer. Tiny. As in, 160 square feet, tiny. To live in. Full time. The plan is that this will be our home for the next 2?, 3?, 4? years. Are we crazy? Maybe.

Please, join us as I document the story of one small move, a simplifying and downsizing process with the goal of gaining freedom. Freedom in the form of more time, less mental stress, financial flexibility and the potential to focus on the things in life that we value.

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One Response to Hello there….

  1. Chris Creasy says:

    You guys are not crazy!,,,,

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